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Resistors(SMD) 貼片型電阻器
Shunt/Current Sense Resistors 電流偵測電阻器
Leaded Resistors 固定式電阻器
Resistors(Network) 排阻器
Thermistors/Thermal Sensors 熱敏電阻器/溫度傳感器
Fuses 保險絲
Varistors 壓敏電阻器
Inductors 電感器
Others 其他
Others 其他

We have lined up unique products like checker chips, LTCC, Hybrid ICs.


Check Terminal 片式信號檢測器

Category Type Catalog
Check terminal RCU/RCT/RCS/RCW PDF

LTCC Substrate LTCC電路板

Use for various applications including high density module substrate, high frequency module substrate, component-embedded substrate, interposer and IC package.

Category Product Series Catalog
LTCC substrate•Package substrate KLC PDF

Hybrid IC 混合IC

Functional blocks in hybrid IC enables downsizing and model change as well as reduces inspection processes.

Category Product Series Catalog
Custom Hybrid IC KA PDF
Multi Chip Module MCM PDF

Common Specification 常用規格

Items Catalog
Minimum Ordered Quantity
Recommended Pad Dimensions
Packagings For Chip Components
Axial Tapings
Radial Taping
Color code•Resistance marking•E series numbers
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